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Fearless : How to respond to a "new normal"?

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Get expertise and advices from Stephane Furderer, Consultant, speaker and professional life coach.

“There is no returning to normal after Covid-19. But there is a path forward.” - Economists say.

Ok, that’s nice, but what does it mean for me? And how should I respond to this ‘new normal’? 

Most of us confuse what’s normal with what’s natural. By understanding the difference, we can easily shift our mindset. Almost without noticing, we begin to get far more done with far less effort. 

Then, we will look beyond the immediate crisis together and see that courage and fearless actions can be learned and developed with great joy and enthusiasm.

Topics covered but not only limited to...:

  • Understand the difference Normal vs Natural

  • Experiment a simple formula to help you to respond to the ‘new normal’.

  • How to develop fearless actions that will support you today.

About our expert: 

Stephane Furderer is a consultant, speaker, and professional life coach. He brings more than 10 years of experience working with executives, leaders, and high-performers from financial, tech, and creative industries. 

He has constantly reinvented himself throughout his career and loves to inspire people to explore new paths.  Stephane’s mission is to help people transform lives and businesses with passion, humor, and heart. With his Intimate and Creative French Connection Club, he is also dedicated to helping the French Community around the world who wants to Learn to Grow and Live a Purposeful Life.


May 14th, 2020 9:00 AM   through   10:00 AM
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